I will use some extracts from the Risen! blog to tell the story:

Blog October 8th 2015
London College of Music (LCM) Lecturer, Niamh Mcguckin recruited a cast of 12 performers, either post graduates from LCM or students in their fourth and final year.  So I drove up to Ealing to meet them at a rehearsal in one of the LCM studios – I was greeted by Niamh and on the way to the studio could hear the cast singing “Jesus is My Lord” and it sounded awesome.  I was then introduced to Leah, Claire, Jodie, Mikey, Johnny, Andrew, Kieran, Jacob, Benny, Ennio and Adam.  Leah sang for me the opening to “Jesus is my Lord” then Claire “My Beloved King” and Jodie “I have seen Him” – I knew straight away that these guys - named The London Touring Cast were going to be something special!

The London Touring Cast received a standing ovation in the stage production at the Coventry Pentecost Festival and so all was set for the full premiere at the New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth.

Blog October 15th 2015
Part of the pleasure of coming to Risen!- The Musical will be to see the wonderful renovation work that has been done to the iconic Victorian Theatre that is the New Theatre Royal in which legends like Laurel and Hardy and Morecombe and Wise have performed.

It was such a great idea of Caroline Sharman the CEO of the New Theatre Royal to suggest that I contact the Portsmouth University Gospel Choir because Portsmouth University have been a major part of the Theatre’s refurbishment.  

All in the Gospel Choir are fantastic but I have been working particularly closely with Heavilyn, Shani, Philippa Francine and Leslie. I went to a rehearsal with them on Wednesday and was bowled over by their beautiful voices, their enthusiasm, their commitment and their obvious love for Jesus. 

There were three shows - Friday November 6th at 7.30 pm, Saturday November 7th matinee at 2.30 pm and 7.30 pm.

Here are some of the audience’s comments

You brought so much joy to everyone

‘Risen’ was AWESOME

We all felt very blessed watching this amazing musical about our Lord’s life

Risen – Fantastic musical tonight. The Eucharist, the garden, the crucifixion each bought a tear to my eye. Thomas resonated with my own struggles.

Risen was fantastic – at one or two points I was crying – I found it moving and uplifting

A wonderful show which brought many of us to tears.  Never seen as many hankies out for a while.

Absolutely wonderful and some brilliant singers.  Congratulations once again


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